Call for papers

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CSW 2024 are inviting papers on both the technical and the non-technical (more human oriented) side of Cyber Security and Cyberspace.

Technical side:

Anti-malware techniques: detection, analysis, and prevention

Anti-phishing, anti-blackmailing, anti-fraud techniques

APTs, botnets, DDoS

Autonomous vehicles, industrial control systems

Cyber attack prevention, detection, investigation, and response

Cyber-crime defense and forensics

Electronic voting, smart grid

Home networks, IoT, body-area networks, VANETs

Implementation, deployment and management of network security policies

Integrating security in network protocols

Privacy and anonymity in networks and distributed systems

Public key infrastructures, key management, certification, and revocation

Routing, naming, and management

Security and privacy for blockchains and cryptocurrencies

Security and privacy of mobile and smartphone platforms

Security and privacy of systems based on machine learning and AI

Security for cloud and edge computing

Security for cyber-physical systems

Security for emerging networks

Security for future Internet architectures and designs

Security for large-scale, critical infrastructures

Security of Web-based applications and services

Social networking, crowd-sourcing

Software and firmware analysis, customization, and transformation for systems security

Software-Defined Networking

Tradeoffs between security and efficiency, usability, cost, and ethics

Trustworthy Computing software and hardware to secure networks and distributed systems

Usable Security and privacy Anti-malware techniques: detection, analysis, and prevention

Human side:

Cyber Security Education

Cyber Security Skills development

Cyber Security Awareness


Cyber Security in Developing Countries

Impact of the 4th Industrial Revolution of users of Cyberspace